Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is Green Building? A Whole House Approach is a Key Element

Homeowners who are interested in Greening their existing home should seek some guidance before diving in too deep. A prime example is having a solar electric system installed on a house that has multiple problems of inadequate insulation and air infiltration. Spending thousands of dollars to generate electricity to heat a leaky building is a waste of both financial and natural resources.

A Whole House Approach considers the building as a system with interrelated parts. A first step would be to have a blower door test conducted to determine the locations and extent of air leaks. Heat generated inside will seek the colder space outside any way it can. Money can be better spent on sealing and insulating, upgrading the home's overall performance, before adding a new expensive component like an elaborate photovoltaic system. With this approach, the size and expense of a solar system (if desired) can be moderated to fit the improved building system.

Contact us for assistance in analyzing where to begin Greening your Whole House.

Tom Trent Builders Certified Green Building Professional

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